About Spacefit

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What is Spacefit?

Unlimited fitness classes on demand, everywhere. Training, Yoga, Running, Fitboxing, Pilates in many outdoor and indoor places with one affordable pass all around the world.


We want to make fitness accessible to everybody. We want to change the way people do fitness.


Our vision is to become the largest fitness club in the world in three years. We aim to provide technology and sport science innovation plus awesome experiences to constantly improve the way people get fit while being part of a community.


Internal values

– Wellbeing: The healthy & fit spirit is very present. We inspire to workout, practice sports, eat healthy and have good habits every day.

– Team Work: We enjoy working together as a team, sharing opinions and having each member adding value everyday. We like to teach, but also to learn from every candidate.

– Respect & Communication: We believe on respect above all. Also, having good and positive communication skills, being transparent, like sharing everything within the team, and we are clear with our expectations with others.

– People matter: every person in the team is important. We are willing to hear what each of them have to say.

– Social: We believe in business culture above all. We have created procedures to unify the brand image of the company worldwide.  

– Tech & Cool: Technology and casual environment is what surrounds our company. We believe in motivated junior talent to create a reference and professional tech team.

– Be Present: Focus on what you are required for. If in a meeting, listen what others have to say. Be compromised with the project and excited with the vision.

– Be real: Be authentic and share the company’s values.

– Elevate: Add value, to be worth it.

External values

– Flexibility & Accessibility: Close to you, whenever you want to train, at an affordable price. Easy to be part of our community.

– Everywhere: All around the city.

– Social: Group classes, meet new people, make friends and have fun.

– Reliability: if I sign up for a class, I’m sure it will take place. If I pay, I’m sure I won’t get scammed.

– Quality: Top trainers giving the best classes.


+30 talented people in every area (founders, developers, business, marketing, designers, sales, operations, trainers, etc.). We work as one team, we love what we do and we want to create a better world.

HQ Location

Valencia, Spain. Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, is considered as an idilic place in the world to work in. And also for its great weather and beaches, its affordable prices (when going out for dinner and when renting a place to live in), its size (not too big & yet not too small), an incredible startup environment, its delicious gastronomy (the paella know worldwide), well connected to other main cities in Europe…

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